How to give yourself a break if you had to take a break

One of the biggest myths in this life is that you’re supposed to be able to always, at all times, achieve a perfect balance in every aspect your life. No matter what life throws your way, you should be able to seamlessly handle it while still maintaining perfect balance of everything else. And if you […]

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Don’t Get Psyched Out by the Competition

Have you ever had the experience of going into a game or race feeling great, only to look over and get psyched out by your competition? You could be feeling supremely confident and then you look over and see the other team looking good as they warm up or look over and see that one […]

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Build Confidence with Deliberate Practice and Simulation Training

I’ve got a major newsflash … YOU GET GOOD AT WHAT YOU PRACTICE. It’s crazy, but it’s true. OK – I know that you already know this – but it’s amazing how sometimes we don’t actually put that thought into action. This podcast pulls together two imperative concepts for improving your athletic performance – simulation […]

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Reframing the Butterflies: How to Feel Calm and Confident

There isn’t an athlete out there that hasn’t experienced some pre-race nerves at some point in their athletic endeavors. When you’re competing and pushing yourself to the limit, feeling nervous and anxious is just part of the package. However, there does come a point when some normal pre-race nerves move from manageable to miserable. For […]

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Don’t Let Your Ego Sabotage Your Performance

EGO. In sports ego gets both glorified and vilified. At its best, it fuels your confidence and drives you to the finish line … at its worst it makes you throw tantrums and make excuses for why you didn’t perform the way you could have. Your ego wants to be the boss of you, but […]

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Want to Perform Better – Start Writing Stuff Down

Anyone that’s ever worked with me knows that I love giving people homework. I love making people write things down. When I give my athletes homework and ask them to write things down, most of them are willing participants in the process. But every once in a while I work with an athlete somehow keeps […]

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Stop Getting Distracted: How Athletes Choose Their Focus

The Olympians competing in Sochi have a lot to teach us about dealing with distractions. From the lead up to the games to the moment of competition, these athletes are constantly having to decide what they need to pay attention to what they need to let go of. There have been numerous external distractions – […]

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Top 10 Inspirational Videos for Athletes (Part 2)

If you read Part 1 of this post, you’ll know that for the past 6 months I’ve been searching the web trying to find some of the most awe-inspiring and motivational-boosting videos out there. Part 2 rounds out the next five videos of my compilation of the top ten motivational videos for finding inspiration, encouragement, resilience, strength, […]

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Top 10 Inspirational Videos for Athletes (Part 1)

If you’ve been following me for any length of time now, you’ve probably guessed that I really like to write! But I am aware of the fact that some of you out there prefer to watch your inspiration and lessons versus read them. So I have a special treat for you. I’ve been compiling a […]

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Finding Your Inner Drive

Thought you might like to check out a little teaser from my new book! This is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of On Top of Your Game: Some athletes contact me because they are thinking about quitting their sport; they aren’t seeing the results they are used to seeing, they aren’t having fun anymore, and it’s […]

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How to Break Through a Performance Slump

Even the best athletes at the top of their game have times when their motivation is low. When it comes to motivation, it’s natural for everyone to go through periods of ebb and flow. There will be times when you feel like your motivation is unstoppable and that you have endless drive and energy for […]

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Goal Sabotage: Is Fear Holding You Back From Going After Your Goals?

Have you noticed how sometimes it seems that as you grow older, your dreams grow smaller? Maybe your priorities change over time as your responsibilities increase …  Or maybe when you think about a potential dream or a big goal you start to calculate the required effort against the probability of accomplishment and decide it’s […]

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Inspiration, Patience, and Giving Yourself a Break

I’m back from another amazing camp. Some of you know that I am the Mental Skills Director for Diabetes Training Camp. I just got back from a week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we have held our last 2 camps at Franklin & Marshall College. While in the midst of being challenged to practice what I preach […]

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Set a Goal Deadline to Create Accountability

If you are committed to a goal, giving yourself a clear deadline can help create some accountability for getting things done. I was taking a little vacation and hanging out in South Lake Tahoe and I used Redbox for the first time. If you are on my email list, you know that I spent a […]

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The Gifts of Imperfection

Book Review: The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brené Brown

As I was hanging out eating dinner during the last AASP  (Association for Applied Sport Psychology) conference, in a steak joint in downtown Atlanta, a friend and colleague of mine recommended this book to me. I think something I said during our conversation alluded to the fact that maybe I would benefit from reading this book […]

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Women's Road Race 2012 London Olympic Games

Don’t Let Bad Luck Ruin Your Race

When you are privileged enough to call yourself an athlete (and you may count yourself in this category even if you question am I an athlete?), you can be sure that at some point you will experience a big disappointment on the day of a race. No one had reason to feel that more than Shelley […]

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