How I Became a Mental Skills Coach

I always knew I wanted to help people become their best selves. I wasn’t sure what that would look like, but I’ve known this since I was a kid. Throughout my life it ended up taking on many different forms until I finally landed where I am today. Although there are many¬†different factors that ultimately shaped my work, there is one distinct moment that brought me to sport psychology.

This moment came during a rock climbing trip in Joshua Tree. I was lying down on a rock and looking up at a friend of mine, watching her lead a climb. She was an expert climber and the climb was easily within her ability. I had seen her top rope that exact route dozens of times, but this was her first time leading it. I knew that she could climb it with her eyes closed and still get up it faster than me and now I was watching her, completely frozen on the rock and unable to commit to her next move. I knew that the biggest obstacle was her own mind and I was instantly fascinated and wanted to learn more about the psychology behind performance.

I love what I do. I love working with athletes. I love helping people achieve their goals and have more fun participating in their sport. I’ve had athletes achieve amazing athletic accomplishments – things they never thought were possible for them. I’ve worked with athletes that get so nervous before their competition that they wonder if they should quit; now those same athletes show up to their events and not only perform well, but actually enjoy it! I’ve worked with injured athletes through their recovery and then have them return to their sport only to have their greatest season yet. I believe every person has the potential to be an athlete and every athlete has the capability of improving their motivation, confidence, and focus.

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