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Home of "The Hub" for 2013 Diabetes Training Camp at F & M College

Inspiration, Patience, and Giving Yourself a Break

I’m back from another amazing camp. Some of you know that I am the Mental Skills Director for Diabetes Training Camp. I just got back from a week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we have held our last 2 camps at Franklin & Marshall College. While in the midst of being challenged to practice what I preach […]

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Mental Skills Training

Why Striving for Perfection Might be Hurting Your Performance

Perfectionism is a hot topic to explore in sport psychology. When you’re working with athletes that are striving to be the best in the world, how can you tell them that perfectionism isn’t something they should be trying to achieve? Could an athlete’s perfectionist tendencies actually be beneficial? There is a difference between striving for […]

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Maybe I should just go back inside...

How to Get Out the Door When You Don’t Want to Workout

“I don’t want to workout today!” This is the time of year when it sometimes becomes difficult to get your workouts in. When it’s cold and wet outside, you start to think that maybe it would be OK to skip your workout today. When you’re overbooked with obligations and holiday parties, the thought of getting […]

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professional baseball player staying focused during a big game

Making a Commitment to YOU!

This blog post has been inspired by the words of others; chance encounters that have provided me with some pearls of wisdom that I mulled over until I extracted the lessons from them so I could share them with all of you. Most of the time I’m writing for athletes – but this post is […]

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