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Lessons learned in life that we can apply to sport performance

Snowboarder exuding mental toughness during a half pip competition

You Have More Power Than You Think

This blog post has been inspired by a quote I put up on my Mental Skills Training FB page a week or so ago. After I came across the quote and posted it on my wall, I decided to use the quote with a team I was working with to create a theme for our time […]

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Deep in Research

It’s Time to Share the BIG GOAL!

A while ago I mentioned on my facebook page that I was going to make a big announcement. I then proceeded to not make that big announcement. I was recently writing about how fear can hold us back from saying what we really want to accomplish and fear can also keep us from sharing those […]

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New Year’s Reso-what now??

Did you forget to follow up with your New Year’s Resolutions? This is one of the most common pitfalls I see with any kind of goal setting… no follow through. You get excited and motivated to move forward with your goals. You write them out and maybe even tell a few people what they are. […]

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Am I an Athlete?

This topic came up again for me recently while I was on a run with a friend of mine. She read my latest newsletter and commented that when she reads the word “athlete” in my articles and blogs she thinks… “Well that’s not me. Sure, I’m training for this little 10k trail run… but I’m not […]

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Lesson #3: You can’t do it alone

My journey towards my adventure race started on a trip to Chicago to visit some friends. I knew I needed to start training, but I didn’t know where to start or what my training plan should look like. I was hanging out with my Chicago buddy Michelle who also happens to be an exercise physiologist. […]

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Making a Splash

1…2…3… JUMP!

I was recently on a camping trip with some friends on the Russian River. Every year we get a group of girls together to sit by the water for the weekend and watch the beachgoers attack the canoers with super soakers (I’m pretty sure these guys live for the moment each year when the sun comes […]

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Smiley Face Ball

Give Yourself Props

Recently on my Mental Skills Training facebook page I put out a request on my wall asking people to say something nice about themselves.  Well to be exact, I said; “I declare today “give yourself a shout-out” day. Be your own biggest supporter. Everyone post something nice about yourself; something you are good at or are […]

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Carpe the Moment

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you may have noticed that I like to observe themes that come up for me or my athletes and then write about how they tie into the psychology of sport and athletic performance.  My most recent experience of this occurred when I was presented with an opportunity that had a fast […]

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Nachos in Cubs Helmet

History Lessons

Much of what a Mental Skills Coach works on with an athlete is trying to get them to stay in the moment.  Our thoughts tend to hang out in the past or project into the future.  The only moment we have control over is the present – so I’m often trying to get athletes brains to just […]

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Poison control

Turning Something Bad into Something Good

“What is the point of poison oak?  What possible service does it have on this earth?”  This is what I asked my husband a couple weeks ago when we were on a hike.  His response was, “It has to serve some purpose; maybe something eats it.”  So I made it my mission to find out what purpose […]

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"Who can it be knockin' at my door?"


Life is full of lessons if you are open to learning them. As I work on my website today, the lesson I am learning is about persistence. Sometimes in life, things don’t go as smoothly or easily as we would like. Such is the case with the work I am doing today. Ultimately, the work […]

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