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Techniques used to help improve sport performance

One stone at a time

Persistence: How to Embrace Plan B

It was supposed to be sunny and it’s raining You thought it would be a blowout and now you’re behind You go to the pool for your swim and showed up on the wrong day You were on pace for a PR, but missed a course marker and added 5 miles to your bike You […]

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Are butterflies buzzing around in your stomach?

Reframing the Butterflies: How to Feel Calm and Confident

There isn’t an athlete out there that hasn’t experienced some pre-race nerves at some point in their athletic endeavors. When you’re competing and pushing yourself to the limit, feeling nervous and anxious is just part of the package. However, there does come a point when some normal pre-race nerves move from manageable to miserable. For […]

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Choose Your Writing Instrument

Want to Perform Better – Start Writing Stuff Down

Anyone that’s ever worked with me knows that I love giving people homework. I love making people write things down. When I give my athletes homework and ask them to write things down, most of them are willing participants in the process. But every once in a while I work with an athlete somehow keeps […]

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Batter strikes out again.

How to Break Through a Performance Slump

Even the best athletes at the top of their game have times when their motivation is low. When it comes to motivation, it’s natural for everyone to go through periods of ebb and flow. There will be times when you feel like your motivation is unstoppable and that you have endless drive and energy for […]

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Home of "The Hub" for 2013 Diabetes Training Camp at F & M College

Inspiration, Patience, and Giving Yourself a Break

I’m back from another amazing camp. Some of you know that I am the Mental Skills Director for Diabetes Training Camp. I just got back from a week in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we have held our last 2 camps at Franklin & Marshall College. While in the midst of being challenged to practice what I preach […]

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Mental Skills Training

Why Striving for Perfection Might be Hurting Your Performance

Perfectionism is a hot topic to explore in sport psychology. When you’re working with athletes that are striving to be the best in the world, how can you tell them that perfectionism isn’t something they should be trying to achieve? Could an athlete’s perfectionist tendencies actually be beneficial? There is a difference between striving for […]

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Attitude is the Secret to Winning

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can feel that the air is charged with energy and excitement for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVII (yes I had to look up how to convert the number 47 in roman numerals). I can’t wait to watch the game this Sunday and I’m not the only one. […]

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Maybe I should just go back inside...

How to Get Out the Door When You Don’t Want to Workout

“I don’t want to workout today!” This is the time of year when it sometimes becomes difficult to get your workouts in. When it’s cold and wet outside, you start to think that maybe it would be OK to skip your workout today. When you’re overbooked with obligations and holiday parties, the thought of getting […]

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Wrong Way

Why Do I Keep Sabotaging My Performance?

When it comes to sport psychology and working on your mental game, I have to remind people that first and foremost, there are some realities to how we operate. In fact, we are animals before we are humans, and we are humans before we are people. And believe me, when it comes to emotions and […]

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Ready for Race Day

3 Reasons You Should Set a Race Goal

In honor of my upcoming workshop at the Wipro San Francisco Marathon Expo, I decided to write a post for all of you amazing athletes out there with an upcoming race! (If you’re going to be out at the expo the day before marathon, come check out my workshop at 9:30a the day before the race! […]

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Cut the rope

Letting Go of Past Mistakes

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have a hard time letting things go? You made a mistake or wish you had done something differently and you obsess about it, driving yourself crazy, and no matter how much pain and angst it causes you, somehow you just can’t manage to move passed it. One of […]

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Snowboarding Camp Take 2: Trust Yourself

This is the 2nd video blog post documenting my “Carrie Goes to Snowboarding Camp” adventure! This series of posts includes unscripted videos of me describing my thoughts and demonstrating how I’m using Mental Skills Training throughout my experience of getting to camp and snowboarding while I’m there. This video was done on Day 1 of the […]

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Getting Pre-Performance Nerves

The Mental Skills Coach is going to Snowboarding Camp… and she’s nervous. Pre-event jitters. It’s normal to be nervous when you’re taking on a new endeavor or getting ready for an upcoming event. For some of you, the closer you get to the “big day”, the knots in your stomach get tighter and the voices […]

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How Your Ego Impacts Your Performance

The topic of humility has been coming up in my work a lot lately. It first came up while I was reading the book Assault on Lake Casitas, by Brad Alan Lewis. The book is the story of Lewis’ journey to the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games where he competed in the double scull. (It […]

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Spilled Milk

Athletes “Getting” a Second Chance

I recently sat down to read my February 2012 issue of Outside Magazine and one of the articles highlights Lolo Jones, an Olympic hurdler. Jones is one of the fastest female hurdlers in the world. If you don’t know what hurdling is, imagine sprinting at a breakneck speed and, without breaking stride, jumping over a […]

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