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Fears of the Open Water Swim

Credit: Free photos from The recent tragic deaths of two triathletes during the New York City Triathlon brings up the fears many novice triathletes have about the open water swim. If the thought of the open water swim gets your heart racing, you’re not alone. Many people feel butterflies when they think about all […]

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Triathlete focusing on his goals during a race

Are you Racing to Win or Racing Not to Lose?

I was inspired to write this post because of all the local triathlons that have been happening around here in the last couple weeks. I had the opportunity to volunteer out at the 70.3 Vineman a couple weeks ago (that’s me before the race start gaining confidence by practicing my volunteering skills!) and we just […]

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How to Suffer During a Big Cycling Effort

We are in the final week of the tour and there is one major topic we haven’t touched on yet. How can you push yourself through those moments when your legs are on fire, your eyeballs feel like they are going to pop out, and you just might start crying as you think to yourself […]

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Improving Confidence and Riding Aggressively

In cycling, there are a few situations I hear about over and over again when it comes to feeling anxious on the bike. Steep fast descents, tight technical turns, and riding in a pack are situations that can get your heart pumping and your hands sweating. During these moments, some cyclists will find themselves hitting […]

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Mental Preparation for Climbing

Climbing! As we move into the mountain stages of the Tour de France, this Mental Skills Minute will be focused on climbing. If you are filled with dread every time you approach a climb, you are burning matches that you are going to need in order to make it over the top. Stop wasting matches and […]

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Keeping Your Cool After a Bad Stage

The topic for this Mental Skills Minute is all about recovering from a bad stage. In a stage race as long as the Tour de France, you are bound to have a day that doesn’t go as planned. When you have a day that doesn’t go as well as you hoped it would, you need […]

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Regaining Confidence After a Bike Crash

I’m bringing all of you cyclists out there some special videos during the 2011 Tour de France from my new YouTube channel. These first videos will be on topics specific to mental skills training for cyclists. Each topic relates the challenges that these pro cyclists will face in the tour, but also the challenges that […]

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How committed are you to your goal?

The Missing Link in Goal Setting

This blog post was inspired by a recent conversation I had as well as a request from a fantastic follower on Twitter to write something about discipline. It also happens to tie into the most recent chapter I have been working on – goal setting. We have all had the experience of wanting something to […]

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Snowboarder exuding mental toughness during a half pip competition

You Have More Power Than You Think

This blog post has been inspired by a quote I put up on my Mental Skills Training FB page a week or so ago. After I came across the quote and posted it on my wall, I decided to use the quote with a team I was working with to create a theme for our time […]

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Receiving (and gaining from) Feedback

This is the second half of a post that was inspired by a video I saw documenting the pro cycling team Peanut Butter & Co. Twenty12. Part of the video shows the team during a post race debrief meeting in which Lauren Tamayo is sharing her honest evaluation of the team’s performance that day. Every race or […]

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New Year’s Reso-what now??

Did you forget to follow up with your New Year’s Resolutions? This is one of the most common pitfalls I see with any kind of goal setting… no follow through. You get excited and motivated to move forward with your goals. You write them out and maybe even tell a few people what they are. […]

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Cyclist both committed and motivated

Motivation vs. Commitment

What’s the difference between motivation and commitment? If you follow my Mental Skills Training for Athlete’s (MSTA) Facebook page you may know that a few weeks ago I let the fans choose what my next blog topic would be. You may also know that my latest MSTA update was to get thoughts on the difference between motivation […]

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Lesson #2: It Won’t All Go According to Plan

This post continues down the path of the mental skills lessons I learned during my training and athletic endeavors in the month of September. Although my first lesson revolved around the importance of having a plan, my second lesson was that sometimes things don’t go according to plan. I experienced this in training and during both […]

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Carrie's Training Plan

Lesson #1: Have a Plan

As I unwind from the culmination of events I was training for in September, I’ve decided to write about all of the valuable gems I will be taking away from the experiences. There were so many amazing lessons I learned and re-learned as I prepared for and participated in my last two sporting events. September […]

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Apres-race celebration

The Mental Skills Coach Writes a Race Report

I’ve been wanting to do an adventure for the last decade. This has been my “year of action” so I finally signed on to do the Tahoe Big Blue Sprint Race on a two-man co-ed team. My teammate? My husband. (The first person I told this to said to me, “Doesn’t that mean you’re signing up for a divorce??”) I always have […]

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Carpe the Moment

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you may have noticed that I like to observe themes that come up for me or my athletes and then write about how they tie into the psychology of sport and athletic performance.  My most recent experience of this occurred when I was presented with an opportunity that had a fast […]

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Strong, confident flamenco dancer

Act Confident to Be Confident

Recently I took my very first flamenco dance class. I’ve been wanting to take a dance class for a while. I knew nothing about flamenco, but it happened to be the only class that fit into my schedule. It’s a very distinctive style of dance with strong, sharp movements. The footwork in the dance doubles as the percussion, […]

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Poison control

Turning Something Bad into Something Good

“What is the point of poison oak?  What possible service does it have on this earth?”  This is what I asked my husband a couple weeks ago when we were on a hike.  His response was, “It has to serve some purpose; maybe something eats it.”  So I made it my mission to find out what purpose […]

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Winning When You Lose

Recently I had the opportunity to fly down to see the first stage of the San Dimas Stage Race in Glendora, CA.  My post today was inspired by a quote I read from Mara Abbott in an article on about the 3rd stage of the race.  Mara held onto the leader’s jersey until the final […]

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