What is Mental Skills Training?

There is both a physical and mental component involved with sport performance. Mental Skills Training (MST) comes from the field of sport psychology and encompasses training and tools to help athletes work on being more consistent with their mental game in order to improve their performance and accomplish their goals. MST addresses motivation, confidence, focus, and also helps athletes be resilient in the face of setbacks and perform under pressure.

Who are your clients?

I work with all different clients, from people who are trying to make health and fitness a priority in their life to elite and professional athletes. Working with a Mental Skills Coach is about giving yourself the opportunity to be the best athlete you can be no matter what level you are performing at. Oftentimes, the people I work with are experiencing some nerves before competition that impact their performance, they are feeling some burnout and want to work on their motivation, they are trying to regain their confidence after an injury, they are trying to move up the ranks and need help focusing on their big goals… overall they want to be resilient in the face of setbacks, perform more consistently, and enjoy their sport. Read testimonials from athletes I have worked with.

Why would I work with a Mental Skills Coach?

Many of my clients feel like their goals are within their reach and it’s their own mind that is holding them back. Everyone can benefit from working on their mental game. The tools and techniques of sport psychology not only address specific performance related issues and can help improve your athletic performance, but they are also skills that can be transferred to all parts of your life. When athletes make the choice to work with me on their mental game, they are making the choice to invest in themselves.

How would we work together?

Coaching sessions typically run from 50-60 minutes and can be either in person, video chat (Skype), or via phone. During our first meeting we’ll talk about your sport history and your reasons for contacting a Mental Skills Coach. From there I’ll assess the best skills for us to work on in order to help you accomplish your athletic goals. Depending on the program that best fits your needs, we will work together once/week or every other week. Coaching sessions can also occur on location during training or competition.

What kind of Mental Skills would we work on?

Everything we work on has to do with getting you to where you want to be with your sport. Topics I work on with athletes include: goal setting, focus, motivation, tools for managing performance anxiety, improving confidence, dealing with team issues, time management, competition preparation and debrief, etc. Through our conversations and homework (assignments of Mental Skills Training tools or interactive worksheets) you will start to build a solid foundation for building consistency with your mental game and performance.

What's the best program for me?

Contact Carrie today to get your free 30 minute coaching session and find out the best option to meet your needs and accomplish your goals!