Mental Training Homework: Change Things Up & Prevent Burnout

Mental Training School

Mental Training Homework: Change Things Up & Prevent Burnout

Mental Training SchoolFor a while now I have realized that my job is pretty flexible and there are certain times of the year where I could do my work from just about anywhere. Last year I decided it was about time to act on that realization and I planned a three-week trip to the south for this year to kick-start my next big project (which I can't wait to share with you guys!!). I could kick-start that project from home, my normal everyday office stomping grounds, but there's something about taking yourself out of your usual element that can open up your creativity, productivity, motivation, energy, and feelings about what is possible.


It’s kind of like the practice of rotating your crops; if you plant the same plant in the same location year after year, eventually the soil gets depleted of certain nutrients. When you rotate the crops around - swap the tomatoes and the sweet peas - it helps keep the soil fertile and increases your yield. The tomatoes are bored with their view and the sweet peas are bored with theirs – so why not changes things up? Why not move things around to give them the nutrients they need and perk those plants right up?


When are the times you tend to feel a dip in your motivation? Even when it’s not your profession, sometimes your sport starts to feel little bit more like a job. You feel burned out, bored, depleted … and you need to change things up. A change of scenery can give you a change in perspective. Changing things up is a great way to be proactive about preventing burnout instead of being reactive once you are in the depths of it.


Your mental training homework is to commit to doing something different. If you need some help try finishing the sentences below. Think about the situation that needs a little nutrient boost. Don't censor yourself, just answer with the first thing that comes to mind:


I get excited when I think about …

I know I would feel more motivated if I …

One thing I've always wanted do is …


Changing things up whether that means a new training partner, a new place to get in your workout, a new adventurous way to cross train; sometimes we need to change things up in order to feel reinvigorated and excited about things again. This month, think of one thing you can change that that would help reinvigorate an area of your life that you're feeling a little sluggish in and commit t making that change.

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