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On Top of Your Game



You’ve trained your body and now it’s time to train your mind. This book will teach you step-by-step the tools you need to be mentally tough and successfully face the challenges of training and competition. Get ready to perform to your potential.

[quote style=”boxed”]Whether you struggle with anxiety, burn-out, fear, lack of focus, or lack of confidence, Carrie gives us the tools and direction needed to not just overcome our mental challenges but also how to use our mental skills to reach new levels of success. Her ability to demonstrate using real life experiences and then give specific exercises for the reader to do to improve or overcome the challenges are amazing. As the reader, she makes you feel like the book was written just for you, as if you were in a session with her personally. Any athlete can and should take advantage of this book and Carrie’s expertise. It will be required reading for all of my athletes! – Shawn Heidgen[/quote]

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These worksheets are the tools that Carrie references in her new book On Top of Your Game. If you don't have a copy of the book, you can order one from Amazon.com today!

Chapter 1: Performing Under Pressure

Weight of the World

Weight of the World Log

Peak Performance Vision

Chapter 2: Your Inner Drive

What's My Motivation?

Inspired Athlete

Chapter 3: Choosing Your Destination

Goal Plan Brainstorm

Goal Plan

Goal Check-in

Chapter 4: Relaxing the Body

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

Progressive Relaxation Exercise

Chapter 5: Relaxing the Mind

Sport Affirmations

Changing Your Self-Talk

Chapter 6: Choosing Your Focus

In/Out of Control

Critical Moments

Chapter 7: Preparation Equals Confidence

Visualization Script

Pre-Performance Plan

Chapter 8: Reflection and Feedback

Post-Competition Evaluation

Mid-Season Evaluation

Post-Season Evaluation

Chapter 9: From Obstacles to Opportunities

Incident Report

Plan B

Chapter 10: Performing to Your Potential

Building Support

Mental Skills Checklist

Mental Skills Checklist Blank