On Top of Your Game Worksheets

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These worksheets are the tools that Carrie references in her new book On Top of Your Game. If you don't have a copy of the book, you can order one from Amazon.com today!

Chapter 1: Performing Under Pressure

Weight of the World

Weight of the World Log

Peak Performance Vision

Chapter 2: Your Inner Drive

What's My Motivation?

Inspired Athlete

Chapter 3: Choosing Your Destination

Goal Plan Brainstorm

Goal Plan

Goal Check-in

Chapter 4: Relaxing the Body

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise Progressive Relaxation Exercise

Chapter 5: Relaxing the Mind

Sport Affirmations

Changing Your Self-Talk

Chapter 6: Choosing Your Focus

In/Out of Control

Critical Moments

Chapter 7: Preparation Equals Confidence

Visualization Script

Pre-Performance Plan

Chapter 8: Reflection and Feedback

Post-Competition Evaluation

Mid-Season Evaluation

Post-Season Evaluation

Chapter 9: From Obstacles to Opportunities

Incident Report

Plan B

Chapter 10: Performing to Your Potential

Building Support

Mental Skills Checklist

Mental Skills Checklist Blank