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3 Essential Mental Tools For Injury Recovery

No one likes to think about it, but injury is part of the risk that comes with being an athlete. Whether it’s a smaller injury that only takes you out for a week, to a bigger injury that takes you out for a season, injury is a difficult and unfortunate aspect that comes with using your body to its athletic potential. If you’ve ever been injured, you know there are different stages you move through, from the moment you get injured, to the time you’re back in action. Working your way through this process can feel like an emotional rollercoaster and each stage during this process comes with it’s own unique fears, frustrations, and challenges. This article presents the most important aspects to focus on for your mental rehabilitation during each stage of your recovery. Read Full Article

How To Endure Your Endurance Sport

Anyone can have a great ride or a great race on a beautiful sunny day when they are feeling strong, confident, and full of energy! When participating in endurance sports you will have times when your body can’t keep up with your demands and you will need strong mental skills to keep you going. Preparing for the times when cycling will be challenging helps to maintain a consistent performance despite any obstacles thrown your way. Remember, the challenge of cycling is part of the reward! Read Full Article

Pedal Closer Towards Your Goals: Tips for Effective Goal Setting

Goal setting is an essential tool for any athlete. Goals help you direct your energy and focus, increase your motivation, boost your confidence, and can help improve performance. The difference between someone who WANTS to get better and someone who DOES is that they know what they want and they have a plan for how to get there. Read Full Article

The Do’s & Don’ts of Being a “Good Sport” Parent: How to Support Your Kids in Sports

We’ve all heard about it, or witnessed it ourselves. Some of us are even guilty of it; overzealous parents who go from supportive to crazy with one controversial call from a referee or questionable decision by a coach. Good parents, gone bad. In countless articles people talk about how parents are trying to relive unfulfilled sports dreams through their children, however, I don’t think that is the case. I think parents want what is best for their kids and often don’t realize that their actions are doing the exact opposite. Read Full Article

Suffering: Preparing to Push Yourself Through a Hard Effort

Your heart is pumping, your legs are burning, and you’re dripping enough sweat to put out a small forest fire… you are suffering. When you’ve taken care of the elements that can contribute to pain – hydration, nutrition, fitness, training… what’s left?Read Full Article

Your First Triathlon: Motivate Yourself to Overcome Inertia

You’ve been on the fence for a couple years now. Every once in a while, the thought travels through your mind, “Maybe I should do a triathlon…” and then it travels right back out again. You keep thinking about wanting to do your first triathlon, but you still haven’t pulled the trigger. What does it take to move a person from thinking to doing? What holds people back from going after something they want? If you are getting tired of the same old dialogue running through your head, here are some things to keep in mind to help you move forward.Read Full Article

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