Teams & Groups

Mental Skills Training for Teams and Groups

Group trainings and workshops facilitates team building, team cohesion, and fosters open communication among teammates.

Programs for Teams

Mental Skills Training for teams is both pro-active and preventative. Incorporating a Mental Skills Training component into your program will enable your team to consistently perform to their potential. In addition to mastering the mental aspects of individual performance, Mental Skills Coaching for teams focuses on building team cohesion, improving communication, fostering team commitment, and refining team goals. Just like individual coaching, the Mental Skills Training program is tailored to your team’s specific needs, goals, and budget.

Services can include:

  • Pre-season Mental Skills Training workshops
  • On-site consulting
  • Incorporating Mental Skills Training into practice
  • Observations of practice/competition
  • Debrief meetings
  • Leadership training

From regularly scheduled check-in meetings to team building retreats, Carrie can create the ideal Mental Skills Training program to fit the needs of your team.


On Site Workshops

Carrie provides on site workshops for teams and training groups introducing mental skills techniques and how to use them to enhance sport performance. Carrie’s workshops are fun, energetic, educational, and interactive. They are ideal for teams and groups that want to provide their athletes with the mental skills necessary to perform to their potential. Groups can choose from 90 minute, half-day, or full-day workshops that are tailored to the needs of the group. Examples of workshops include:

  • Think Like a Champion: From Believing to Achieving
  • Effective Goal Setting for Athletes
  • Mental Jumpstart: How to Begin a New Challenge
  • Optimal Focus for Sport Performance
  • Dealing with Pre-Competition Nerves
  • Enduring Your Endurance Sport
  • Finding Your Inner Athlete
  • Sport Parenting: How to Support Your Kids in Sport
  • Balancing Sport & Life: How to Maintain Motivation and Prevent Burnout
  • Surviving the Holidays: How to Stick to Your Health & Fitness Goals

Training Camps

Whether your camp is 2-days or 2-weeks, training camps are a perfect time to learn and strengthen mental skills. Workshops are a great way to give your athletes a competitive edge and break up training components throughout your camp. Carrie is available for camps as a guest speaker or she can integrate a Mental Skills Training program throughout your entire camp. Carrie can provide Mental Skills Training workshops as well as meet with athletes individually. Participants in the camp also receive special discounts on individual mental skills coaching.