On Top of Your Goals


On Top of Your Goals


Step-by-Step Lessons on How to Achieve Your Goals

Whether you are coming back from injury or working towards a National Championship – ALL accomplishments start with goal-setting.

If you’ve ever:

– Let your fears and doubts hold you back from going after a goal
– Started out strong and then fizzled out along the way
– Hit a setback, got frustrated, and abandoned your goal altogether


You are in the right place

Product Description

Online Goal Setting Program


On Top of Your Goals:

Step-by-Step Lessons on How to Achieve Your Goals


On Top of Your Goals is an online Mental Skills Training Program featuring five lessons, each containing an essential component for creating an effective goal-setting program. The program includes instructional videos walking you step-by-step through each lesson, exclusive goal-setting worksheets, and take-away points providing the core-message for each lesson. This program teaches you the skill of effective goal-setting, everything you need to walk you through the process from setting your goal, to celebrating your accomplishment. And you get unlimited access to the program; just log in and get to work.


There is no greater feeling than accomplishing a hard-earned goal. You’re always setting goals; make sure you're doing it right. Get the tools you need to give yourself the chance to be successful and see what you're really capable of.

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 Your FIVE goal-setting lessons include:

Lesson 1: Why Set Goals

Are you setting yourself up for success?

  • Understand why people avoid setting goals

  • Get clear on the benefits of goal-setting

  • The importance of deliberate goal-setting


Lesson 2: Pitfalls

Are you starting out on the right path?

  •  How to avoid the five major pitfalls of goal-setting

  • The importance of being specific with your goal

  • The difference between failing at your goal and failing at goal-setting


Lesson 3: Goal Commitment

How bad do you want it?

  • Difference between motivation and commitment

  • Is it confidence that is holding you back?

  • Assessing your secret goals


Lesson 4: Goal Action Plan

Are you ready to get to work?

  • Creating your goal action plan

  • Preparing for potential obstacles

  • Defining the support you will need on your goal path


Lesson 5: Evaluating & Adjusting Goals

How can you keep the momentum going?

  • Understand how to define success

  • How to stay motivated when you need to adjust your goal

  • Taking time to celebrate your accomplishments


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